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Mubi (also titled as MUBI) is a film streaming website, and a film distribution and production company based in London, United Kingdom by Turkish entrepreneur, Efe Çarakel. It was founded in February 14, 2007 as The Auteurs, before changing to its current name in 2010.

The company specializes in distributing curated films by various arthouse, independent, foreign-language and emerging directors through their online streaming website and in cinemas in select territories, mainly in Europe, and North and South America. Other divisions of Mubi include Notebook, an online publication dedicated to film criticism, and MUBI GO, a movie ticket service. In 2023, Mubi acquired the Berlin-based film sales company, The Match Factory, which is known for financing art film productions such as from directors like Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Lukas Dhont & Christian Petzold.

Logo (August 18, 2021-)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a projected light show in black and white, with multiple radial lines moving. Then there is a cut to another shot, showing a glass divided in three segments reflecting these radial lines moving rapidly. Another cut reveals a different pattern moving at a slower place. Then, the screen cuts to multiple black and white lines turning around (ala Harlech), first reflected on segmented glass, and later revealed normally, with the lines then turning curved. Then, a dark red background appears with a spring-like spiral revealed moving from right to left, with the camera blurring. Afterward, a wall illuminated by a blue light is shown and reflected with the area divided into two segments, making it look like the camera has been submerged. The view slightly moves up and reveals the glassy-looking boundary between the segments. Then, multiple black/blue circles appear rotating around, and another shot of the wall is seen, revealing larger blue circles being illuminated on front of it. The screen then cuts to yellow lights of circles and bars moving around slightly, before another cut reveals another segmented glass in three sections being illuminated in red, with the same circles moving. At the end, as the camera pans to the left, the circles are shown moving and grouping themselves into three rows, with the top and bottom having two circles and the middle having three of them. Meanwhile, the word "MUBI", in the LL Riforma font, is revealed to be moving to the right and waving slightly. The background lights turn blue, with the logo now being in white.


  • This logo was aesthetically inspired by shots that were recovered from Henri-George Clouzot’s unfinished 1964 film, L’Enfer (The Inferno), with the filmography of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai being a secondary influence for the animation's color palettes.[1]
  • The seven circles of the logo are meant to represent the "seventh art form", which is film or cinema.

Variant: In many cases, this logo appears as an abridged version. The length of the logo usually depends on the time format or narrative style of the featured film.

Technique: A combination of projected light effects and digital CGI animation, done by SPIN and Pentagram.

Audio: A slow-paced cinematic soundtrack made using multiple string and pen-point percussion instruments, with analog tape and musique concrète techniques. Composed by Yuri Suzuki.

Audio Variants: Sometimes, two abridged versions are used, depending on the length of the titles they distributed. The most common one features two violin notes from the theme accompanied by various pizzicato sounds, and the same two notes being repeated with another violin playing lower notes.

Availability: Seen in titles distributed by MUBI through their streaming service and in theatrical prints, such as Aftersun, Decision to Leave, Memoria, The Worst Person In The World, and Annette among others. In some MUBI-distributed titles globally, this logo is replaced by the domestic distributor, such as A24 or Neon in North America.


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