Les Films De L'Astrophore

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Logo (March 12, 1975)

Visuals: There is an eight-sided star-like figure draw itself on a blue background. The star copies itself from behind and turns white. "Rays" shoot out and turn the background light blue. The first star shown is now blue, above the white star. There is a square in the center. "LES FILMS DE L'ASTROPHORE" writes itself on the background, with "presents" under it. This transitions into the SACI Teheran logo, which depicts "a SACI Teheran selection" seen from top to bottom, in a large font.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: An almost distant-sounding, blaring synthesized noise at first. A few synth drum notes, along with a fanfare, follow this. When the transition into the SACI Teheran logo occurs, it segues into a loud, choppy downwards flourish (almost like a machine shutting down).

Availability: Seen on movies produced by the company at the time. An example is F For Fake.

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