Léna Film

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Léna Film was founded on February 1940 Mária Nagy and her silent partner, Félix Szentirmay. Later on, Béla Lévay would become part of the team as the production manager. The company name comes from vay-Nagy, the surnames of two of the three founders, which later became Léna. In July 1942, the company acquired Csepreghy Film.[1]

1st Logo (March 25, 1941)

Visuals: Over a cloudy setting, there is a building with one side containing the tall text "LÉNA" in white sitting on top of a largely spaced "FILM" in a similar style. On the top-left corner of the building are a right-facing black light panel and a black rolling film reel on top of the "L". Below the building is a black bar with a white "BEMUTATJA".

Technique: A filmed painting.

Audio: The film's opening score.

Availability: Seen only in Sárga rózsa.

2nd Logo (March 28-July 26, 1943)

Visuals: The screen zooms out of a more detailed building with one side containing the tall text "LÉNA" in white as seen in the previous logo. A similarly-styled right-facing black light panel and a white film reel on a stick behind a wall are shown within the background, which also contains a cloudy sky. All objects are on a reflective surface with the text's reflection shown on it. After the zoom-out, the lights within the building and the light panel light up, followed by the reel spinning counterclockwise. "FILM BEMUTATJA", in a spaced format and even spacing within a text box, fades in on the bottom right section of the screen and two gray vertical paths leading to the entrance of the building appear afterward. The result is an updated, animated version of the previous logo.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A triumphant trumpet and string fanfare.

Availability: The logo can be seen on Heten, mint a gonoszok, Külvárosi őrszoba, and Szováthy Éva.


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