JS Production

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Logo (2011)

Visuals: Over a midday sky background is a maroon pedestal with three layers and a curved edge connecting each layer. Rising from the pedestal are the letters J and S, with J in maroon and S in green. Both letters spin and clip through each other as they rise, with the J rising above the S. The letters stop moving once they are in full view and in a stacked arrangement with thee J atop the S, then, below the letters, two words reading "PRODUCTION" and "PRESENTS" (the former in yellow and latter in green) slide from the right and left, respectively, placing themselves at the bottom center in a stacked arrangement.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A loud jet engine-esque sound that is accompanied with a rapid, high-pitched synth trill and brief whoosh sound.

Availability: Unknown [Examples?].

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