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Ismail Production was ran by Pakistani film producer Chaudhary Muhammad Ismail.

1st Logo (June 12, 1981-April 3, 1987)

Visuals: There is a dark sky with yellow clouds and a thunderstorm. Then, on a black background, there is a strange blueish structure. (looks like a space background) turning to the right to see barely a statue of a white horse on a pedestal and two yellow circles in the top of it. It zooms out and rotates rapidly to see clearly which happened earlier, the text "ISMAIL" in the top and "PRODUCTION" in the bottom, all blue and with their first letters being red and some Urdu script (translating to said company name) in the two circles.

Variant: On Duniya, there is a shorter version in which the thunderstorm is omitted.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A demonic piano tune is heard, followed by rumbles.

Audio Variants:

  • On Athra Puttar (where the logo was seen for the first time), the tune is replaced with a loud rumble, and two extremely loud thunderclaps at the beginning and a discordant stock piece plays throughout the logo.
  • On Duniya, same as the Athra Puttar variant, but we only hear the loud rumble and the thunderclaps.

Audio Trivia: The versions with the thunderclaps are stock, since they are from the BBC sound effect library. The same thunder is heard in the Southern Star/Hanna-Barbera Australia and Lightning Video logos, alongside a few other Pakistani and Indian film logos. You can even hear snippets of the thunder on the 101 Dalmatian Street episodes "Walkies on the Wild Side" and "Flea-Mageddon".

Availability: Seen on Duniya, Dhi Rani, Athra Puttar and Rustam Te Khan.

Legacy: Thanks to the darkness, rapid pace, the thunderstorm and ominous jingle (and also the rumbles), it is widely considered by many as one of the scariest logos from Pakistan.

2nd Logo (October 14, 1994)

Visuals: On a black background with red smoke, see a statue of a horse up close. The camera zooms our and the image (outside of the smoke) brightens. The statue is in grey, and is around a curve with yellow stars on the ends. Inside the curve is the company name, "ISMAIL" on the left and "PRODUCTION" on the right. In the middle is the entire company name in Urdu. Ismail Productions in English and Urdu. The camera zooms out and brightens the statue. Flowers are seen around the statue, with some green and blue smoke at the top of the screen.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: The audio from the Duniya variant of the previous logo, and then a short three note trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Only known to be seen on Laila.

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