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Immina Films is a Montreal-based film distribution company launched in October 31, 2022 by Patrick Roy, who was the former president of Seville Pictures. Immina bought the company's entire catalog from eOne.

Logo (July 14, 2023-)

Visuals: The logo starts on a peach-tinted forest lake setting with the sun rising in the distance against a partly cloudy sky. The screen zooms out as the sun continues to rise; the latter extends below to become a long arched rectangle consisting of a brighter shaded and vibrant filter mask of the background. After the shape is formed, the background fades to black and the logo changes details and colors, now being a lavender circle on top of a pink-orange vertical gradient colored concaved rectangle. The logo slides to the left and the circle projects "immina films" in a stacked, left aligned format.

Technique: CGI by Harrison Fun.

Audio: A descending piano arpeggio starts off the audio sequence, followed by a tender set of string notes. As the background crossfades to black, four more piano notes, the first three of which ascend in pitch, are performed followed by a final set of soft string notes. The score was performed by Michel Corriveau.

Availability: The logo was first revealed on February 10, 2023 in a YouTube video and later debuted in theaters with the releases of One Summer and The Nature of Love.

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Immina Films
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