Hoventin Films Production Co. Ltd.

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Hoventin Films Production Co. Ltd. (also known as Hoventin Films Creativity on What Price Survival) was a Hong Kong film company.

Logo (March 19, 1992-July 14, 1994)

Visuals: The first element shown is a chrome ball, with a reflection, falling with the camera zooming in on a black background. The camera moves to reveal that the ball is about to hit one of the white circles. The ball then proceeds to hit the circle, causing many white circles to flip into a different tint as the camera zooms out to reveal that the white circles are actually placed on a shape of the letter "H". The camera then rotates from the "H", revealing the company name, "HOVENTIN FILMS PRODUCTION CO. LTD", with its Chinese translation, flip in as a long cyan line draws in above the company name and the background turns into a white-blue-black gradient. The camera zooms out during this, and when the camera stopped zooming, the background noticeably becomes brighter.

Variant: On What Price Survival (by the time the company was named Hoventin Films Creativity), after the camera rotates from the "H", the word "HOVENTIN" flips in and placed on the right. Also, when "HOVENTIN" finished flipping, "迎滔", aligned vertically, fades in and rotates into a right angle. The background is also changed to a blue-black gradient.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An ominous synth tune followed by a drum hit when the ball hits the white circle, and a rising sounder when many white circles flip. This later segues into a calming synth theme. All composed using the Korg M1 workstation.

Availability: Seen on Shogun and Little Kitchen, 92 Legendary La Rose Noire and Even Mountains Meet. The Hoventin Films Creativity variant was only seen on their final film, What Price Survival.

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