Hong Kong United Co., Ltd.

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(October 31, 1962-January 1, 1966)

Visuals: The screen fades in on a sunset background consisting of a sun and white, gold, blue, and black skies, with some gray clouds superimposing it. There is a giant palm tree at the bottom of the screen, along with dark-gold water on it, and below it is some black grass, which on the top four Cantonese characters, which are the Cantonese name of the company, and it's traduction almost unfolding, which says "HONG KOИG UNITED Co, Ltd.". The logo stands still and then the screen fades out to black.

Variant: A B&W variant exists.

Technique: A still live-action image.

Audio: A very fast patriotic fanfare, with the last note being held with a drumroll.


  • The B&W variant was first seen on 雙鳳仇 (Revenge of the Twin Phoenixes) and last seen on 珍珠淚 (Tears of Pearl)
  • The colorized variant may have appeared on 一水隔天涯 (The Story Between Hong Kong and Macau).
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