H2O Films

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Logo (November 16, 2012-)

Visuals: Set on a teal shaded underwater background, a large white lens flare enters the screen from the bottom left where it forms "H2". Next to the letters, and as the lens flare slides in, a blue light spark circles around, leaving a blue-cyan-white gradient electric water-like path behind, to form the "O". As the shape of said letter is formed, the text zooms out and the remaining elements of the logo, which includes three minimalist bubbles of varying sizes on top of the formed text and "FILMS" below it, appear alongside the "O" becoming white like all the other elements in the logo.

Variant: The logo exists in print form.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A soothing deep choir hum in the background throughout the audio sequence. Four normal pitch glass harmonica-like notes play followed by an ascending strum by the same instrument.

Availability: The logo appears on many films the company distributed in Brazil such as Vai que Cola - O Filme and Ó Paí, Ó 2.

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