Girguis Fawzi Films

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Logo (September 17, 1983-July 12, 2000)

Visuals: On a black background, a stylized gold "GF" is seen zooming away from the viewer and stops at the middle. A rainbow sunburst, also in a glass-like texture can be seen appearing from left to right at the moment the "GF" stops, surrounding the "GF". Shortly after, the text:

جرجس فوزي

zooms in from the top and places itself above the "GF", along with "تقدم" appearing below and places itself underneath at unison.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A triumphant orchestral fanfare.

Audio Variant: On it's first film, المتشردان the film's opening theme is heard.


  • Seen on most of the company's filmography: ارجوك اعطنى هذا الدواء (Please Give Me This Medication), عصر الحب (Time of Love), التوت والنبوت (Berries and Plants), بكرة أحلى من النهاردة (Tomorrow is Better than Today), كريستال (Crystal), الزمن والكلاب (Time and Dogs), and حسن اللول (Hassan Ellol).
  • The logo made its debut appearance on المتشردان (The Two Hobos) and its final appearance on الحب الأول (The First Love).
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