GN Films

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GN Films was a Gujarati film production company.

Logo (November 6, 1985-January 1992)

Visuals: The logo consists of a pink lotus flower surrounded by a radiant halo, with the stem forming a "GN" over the flower. A leaf is seen over the stem below the flower, with "FILMS" in white over it.

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: Five tracks were used:

  • Jode Rahejo Raaj and Moti Verana Chokma have a woman singing in Gujarati, with both films having different tracks.
  • Sajan Tara Sambharna has a woman singing a different song with a man joining in the second half, all accompanied by an ethereal string tune.
  • Ladi Lakhani Saybo Sawa Lakhno has bells tonging accompanied by swarmandal glissandos.
  • Laju Lakhan uses a few slow vibraphone glissandos.
  • Tahuke Sajan Sambhare uses a tampura melody.

Availability: Seen on Sajan Tara Sambharna, Moti Verana Chokma, Jode Rahejo Raaj, Ladi Lakhani Saybo Sawa Lakhno, Laju Lakhan, and Tahuke Sajan Sambhare.

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