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Excel Productions was a division of Udaya Studios, the oldest major film production studio in the Malayalam film industry established in 1947 by director-producer Kunchacko and film distributor K. V. Koshy in Pathirappally. After the studio went defunct, Kunchacko Boban established a new film production company named Udaya Pictures in 2016.

The films produced at the studio were produced under the banner of K&K Combines, and later under Excel Productions (also spelt X. L. Productions).

1st Logo (August 26, 1969-May 7, 1971)

Visuals: On a black background, a statue of a rooster is first seen. The camera zooms away from the statue to reveal that the statue is on top of a model of a globe, as well as revealing that the logo is set on a mountain range. At the same time, the globe is on top of a table-like structure, containing the big text "UDAYA", which takes up most of the space of the structure. The structure also contains the text: "UDAYA-NAGAR" located below the aforementioned word, and the word "STUDIOS" located below the globe. On the top-left corner, a set of text is seen reading:


fading in.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation combined with cel animation.

Audio: A rooster's cry, followed by the film's opening theme.

Availability: This was seen on their films during the time such as Jwala, Koottukudumbam, Thara, Ningalenne Communistakki, Pearl View, Agnimrigam, and Lora Nee Evide.

2nd Logo (July 28, 1972-February 26, 1981)

Visuals: On a sunset background, a silhouette of the same rooster statue and globe from the previous logo are shown. The camera zooms out to reveal the same table-like structure containing the same elements from the previous logo, but in a red-yellow-blue color scheme. The sun can be seen in the background and a portion of a palm tree can bee seen on the top-left corner.

Variant: On its early years, the sun is much more large and blurry and is placed on the top-left corner.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: The same rooster's cry from before, followed by a held string note and a swarmandal flourish.

Audio variant:

  • The early variant only had a different variation of the swarmandal flourish.
  • On Ponnapuram Kotta and Acharam Ammini Osharam Omana, the film's opening theme is played.

Availability: Again, this was seen on their films during the time.

  • The early variant was seen on Oru Sundariyude Kadha and Postmane Kanmanilla.
  • The standard variant on the other hand made its appearances on Aromalunni, Ponnapuram Kotta, Neela Ponman, Acharam Ammini Osharam Omana, Kannappanunni, Paalaattu Kunjikkannan, and Sanchari.
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