Diana Cinematografica

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Logo (August 22, 1953-December 22, 1955)

Visuals: Over a dark background, there is a silhouetted model of Diana, the goddess of hunting, wild animals, fertility, and the Moon, standing on the left and facing the camera while holding a bow and arrow. The platform rotates counter-clockwise until Diana is in front of the camera and facing towards the right side. A spotlight illuminates from the left, revealing the entirety of the Diana model as well as a spiraling gray filmstrip covering up her private parts. Following this, "DIANA" and "CINEMATOGRAFICA" in a bolded serif font fade in separately on the horizontal parts of the filmstrip, along with a cursive "presenta" fading on the bottom-right corner of the screen.


  • A later version exists: here, Diana is standing on top of a grassy platform and against a blue background. When the spotlight illuminates her, her breasts are fully exposed, which are then later covered up by a more detailed gray filmstrip containing the same "DIANA CINEMATOGRAFICA" in red, wiping in around Diana. It ends with "presenta" in a brush font wiping in right next to her left leg.
  • An alternate version of the later variant also exists where the environment takes place on a more grassy environment and a sky background. The texts are colored white and "presenta" is in a different cursive font.

Technique: Practical effects and cel animation.

Audio: A royal horn fanfare which consists of two different melodies played twice with the second repetition being quieter than the first.

Audio Variants:

  • The opening theme of the film was heard in House of Ricordi, Casta diva, and Proibito.
  • On A Husband for Anna, none.


  • The later version was known to first appear in House of Ricordi and to last appear in Racconti Romani. It was also seen in films the company distributed during the mid-1950s such as Casta diva and Proibito.
  • The early version was known to appear in A Husband for Anna, It Happened in the Park, High School, and Il seduttore.
  • The alternate version was seen in Camilla and Le signorine dello 04.
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