Devar Films

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Devar Films was an Indian Tamil-language film company founded by Marudur Marudachalamurthy Ayyavoo Chinnappa Devar.

1st Logo (Septermber 21, 1956)

Visuals: Inside a frame with the form of the sun, there's a picture of a bull. On the upper part of the frame we see "DEVAR FILMS", and below the frame there are two supports. All that is above a table.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen only on Thaikku Pin Tharam.

2nd Logo (September 20, 1957-October 21, 1968)

Visuals: Same as the previous logo, but the logo is brighter and inside the frame there's a bull seen further, on a field.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A melody with trumpets and violins.

Availability: Seen on the B&W movies released by the company. Some examples are Vivasayee or Thaiyai Katha Thanayan.

3rd Logo (March 10, 1972-October 1, 1986)

Visuals: In front of a red curtain, there's an old golden oval framework, with some flowers sculpted on it. On the upper part of the frame, "DEVAR FILMS" is in red, and on the lower part there are 2 flowers and some leaves, and below it, there's a filmstrip with "MADRAS-17" in orange. Inside the frame, there is a live action scene of a male elephant with a red pendant. The elephant runs near some palm trees. Then, it puts its trunk in a trumpeting position.

From 1978, before the logo with the elephant, there is a portrait of Devar (the founder of the company, who died that year), with three white lines above his eyes. The portrait has four rows of red, yellow, black, and white flowers. In front of the portrait, there are two candles. Then, an image of Murugan fades in. One movie which uses this logo is Anbukku Naan Adimai. This fragment was also used on movies released by Dhandayuthapani Films before its logo.

Variants: On Annai Bhoomi 3D (the first 3D film released in the Tamil language), in front of a different red curtain from the normal variant, there is the same frame and filmstrip, but this time are gold. Inside the filmstrip,"MADRAS-17" is red. Inside the frame, there's a live-action female elephant on a pink sunset, while it is moving to the frame. Then, the camera appears closer to the frame, while the elephant is moving its trunk outside the frame.

Technique: Live-action.


  • The scene of the funeral: A man speaking about the Devar.
  • The logo with the elephant: A drum roll until the elephant prepares its trunk for trumpeting, then a fanfare with trumpets and the elephant trumpeting.

Availability: Among the films released throughout the period, it has been seen on Nalla Neram, Apoorva Sagotharigal, Ranga and Anbukku Naan Adimai.