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Logo (July 6, 2001-)

Visuals: The screen scrolls along a black and white photograph of people on the sidewalk and beach of Copacabana. When the right-sided people on the beach are shown on-screen, a minimalist outline of a gigantic, clockwise spinning film reel in white fades in and zooms out. "DISTRIBUIÇÃO" in white fades in on the bottom right section of the screen while the film reel zooms out. When the latter stops zooming, "COPACABANA" in a tall font quickly flips in next to the reel letter by letter. Afterwards, "FILMES E PRODUÇÕES" fades in below the recently formed text. By this point, the background has gotten darker.

Trivia: The photograph and animation of the background are taken from the beginning of Copacabana. As opposed to the logo sequence, the opening to said film features the screen scrolling at a faster pace and has the photograph tinted blue.


  • A print version exists.
  • The logo may be presented in an anamorphic widescreen format.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A smooth jazz string soundtrack with an extra drum track later on. A set of steel drum notes play at the end of the sequence.

Availability: The logo first appeared on Copacabana as a print variant while the animated logo debuted on Window of the Soul. It has appeared at the beginning of films they have produced since such as Espelho d'Água: Uma Viagem no Rio São Francisco, Pro Dia Nascer Feliz, Los Hermanos: Esse é só o começo do fim da nossa vida, and Getúlio.

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