Ciby 2000

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Ciby 2000 is a French film production and distribution company founded in 1990 by Francis Bouygues. It was best known for producing art house and independent films in France and in other countries. The name "Ciby 2000" is a play on the name of American director C. B. DeMille, whose last name sounds similar to the French deux mille, "two thousand". Ironically, the company was shut down in 1999, although they briefly relaunched in 2004 to release the film Immortal.

Logo (1991-1999)

Visuals: The screen zooms out of a shining CGI CIBY 2000 logo (consisting of a blue square with the words "CIBY" and "2000", with a red underline on the "BY" of "CIBY") on a black background.


  • There was one variant which featured a man walking on the "C" that jumps into a bubble and floats away. When the screen zooms out, the C appears to be part of a CIBY Distribution logo. Then the logo is formed with a bar going into it and "PRESENTE" or "PRESENTS" fades in below.
  • Rarely, the long version was cutted to feature only the CIBY Distribution logo.
  • There is a still version with "Présente" below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Silent.

Availability: Usually kept after the US distributors logo on films such as The Advocate, The Glass Shield, Georgia, Secrets and Lies, Kansas City, and Underground. It was seen on The Piano and Muriel's Wedding, but most current releases remove or plaster this with the current Miramax logo. The versions with "PRESENTE" are harder to find, as they are on later films from the companies low output such as Lost Highway.

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