Bleeding Art Productions

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Logo (February 10, 2023)

Visuals: Set on a dark purple background is a small, flying white, dissolving path entering the screen from the white and directing towards the right. It twirls and forms a thick white heart with small paint marks dripping. While that happens, parts of a film camera, with eyeballs for camera's magazines, alongside the heart, are drawn by a gold-dodger blue-white line trail that becomes white. The eyes look at the forming camera, heart, and upwards before facing the screen. At this moment, purple-magenta-orange-gold gradient scribbles fade in within the upper and lower fill of the logo. Simultaneously, the logo zooms out as "BLEEDING ART PRODUCTIONS" fades in through a left to right wiping effect and with the former two words slightly sliding down word by word.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: A sweet and gentle set of high-note chimes alongside a few clicking sound effects. The fanfare, transitioning to a cymbal roll and an orchestrated group of strings.

Availability: The logo can be seen on Love In A Pandemic.

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