Baldevjiu Productions

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Baldevjiu Productions is an Odia-language Indian film company.

Logo (October 12, 1989-August 12, 2011)

Visuals: On a blue wall with red curtains above is what appears to be a model of a white Odia deity. It appears to be wearing a type of hat and to have transparent arms on it, holding circles with radial patterns. The camera zooms out so we can see flowers and a white cloth on its torso, and a man in white clothing, dropping petals. The man prays to the god.

Variant: In later years, the logo is a bit faster.

Technique: Live-action.


  • 1989-1990s: The theme used by the 1988 Manish Films logo from Meri Zabaan.
  • 1990s-2011: An Indian theme with flute and sitar.

Availability: Spotted on their early movies, including Bastra Haran and Pacheri Uthila Mahji Duaru. Also, it has been spotted in Naag Panchami (not to be confused with the Hindi-language film of the same name), Sasu Hata Kadi Bhauja Bedi, Aalo Mora Kandhei and Kemiti a Bandhan.

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