Balakrishna Movies

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Logo (November 2, 1965-May 30, 1973)

Visuals: In front of a red curtain, there is a Hindu god in some sort of monument. After about five seconds, he throws a choppy-looking "beam" at the screen, and, when it disappears,


appears under the monument in yellow text.

Variant: The logo was colorized in 1972.

Technique: Live-action combined with hand-drawn animation.

Audio: There are two music versions:

  • On the Tamil film Thayin Karunai (1965) and Rani Mera Naam (1972), a quiet melody with a sitar.
  • On Hifazat, A loud dramatic note that is abruptly used, after almost 5 seconds of silence.

Availability: Only seen on Thayin Karunai, Rani Mera Naam and Hifazat.

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