Bahry Films

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Bahry Films is an Indian film company founded by film director Deepak Bahry.

Logo (September 23, 1983-September 12, 2003)

Visuals: On a red cloudy background, a disc with a carved image of the Hindu god Shiva (depicted with three heads), and Hindu writing around the disc is shown. The logo zooms out to show it standing on a rectangular block with the hindi text "ॐ नमः शिवाय" (Om Namah Shivaya, in Latin script) on the rectangular block. The logo cuts to footage of stock lightning, which freezes shortly after as the Hindu announcer speaks. Like most Indian logos, the company name does not appear.


  • The film quality of the thunder may vary depending on print. It can either be in blue or white.
  • Starting in 1990, the stock lightning footage isn't present.
  • On Paththar, the footage is dark red-tinted.
  • On Parwana, the footage is darker and slightly green-ish tinted.

Technique: Live-action combined with hand-drawn animation.

Audio: A chorus saying "Om Namah Shivayal" (which means "Om, adoration to Lord Shiva" in English), three times. Then some thunder noises when the stock lightning footage appears, then a male announcer saying, "हज़ार बर्क़ गिरे लाख आँधियाँ उट्ठें, वो फूल खिल के रहेंगे जो खिलने वाले हैं" in Hindi.

Audio Variant: The later variant uses a different chorus.

Availability: Seen on Hum Se Hai Zamana, Paththar, Hum Se Na Takrana, and Parwana. It would likely be seen on more films from the company.

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