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1st Logo (May 6, 2011-)

Visuals: There is over a table a statue of white Ganesh (sitting on a dark blue throne with the form of a swan) with a red and yellow collar of flowers and a red cape. The god wears golden helmet, some jewels and golden sandals. In addition, in one of his hands has a pink flower, and in other hand has a pendant. On the left side of the statue we see (from the left to the right) some red and yellow flowers, a portrait (with a pendant made with orange and white flowers) of Sai Baba of Shirdi (1835-1918, an Indian spiritual master) and a candle. At the center there are some bananas, and in the right side we see the candle, the flowers and another portrait (with the pendant of flowers) of Sai Baba, this time below some Gods. All this is in front of a window (at the left and the right side there are two Greek style columns). In front of the table there are white and yellow curtains. The name of the company doesn't appear.

Variant: Haunted - 3D uses a slightly darker logo.

Technique: All live action.

Audio: A melody with a synth and a tanpura, while a man sings "Oh, Lord Ganesh, of curved trunk, large body and with the brilliance of a Million Suns, please, make all my work free of obstacles always".

Availability: Seen on Haunted - 3D, Lanka, Hate Story, 1920 - Evil Returns, Dangerous Ishhq and Anku Marora Murder Case.

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