Aurora Film

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Logo (September 12, 1952-September 7, 1956)

Visuals: The logo fades into a partly cloudy sky backdrop with a bunch of vibrant sunbeams. Shortly after the sky fades in, two sets of text comprising an arched "AURORA" and a smaller arched "FILM" in a curvy typeface slowly flip into view and then brighten up once it stops. It stays static for a few seconds until "presenta" suddenly appears in front of the text and rapidly zooms in towards it. It ends with the logo slowly fading out.

Technique: A mix of chroma-keyed animation cel animation.

Audio: A loud and exciting orchestral theme culminating to a majestic seven-note brass tune.

Availability: So far seen in Cuore forestiero, E Napoli canta, Addio, Napoli, Cantate con noi, and Ci sposeremo a Capri.

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