Aliyu Film Production

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1st Logo (2012)

Visuals: A shiny "A" with a camera on top of it, a transparent filmstrip leaning to its left, and two turquoise eighth notes is placed on a light orange sky background with clouds on the bottom. This sequence zooms in on a black background to fill the screen. Once it stops zooming, aerial footage of a rocky river in a savannah is superimposed into the background. The "A" shines before the company's two phone numbers and Yahoo! email address zoom out from the left, shifting the footage to the right to make room for the text. At this moment, the "A" and the surrounding objects, including the cloud footage, disappear, leaving just the partly rocky terrain in view. Then, the "A" from before, now shinier and stretched and with the filmstrip more visible, zooms out alongside the company name in Amharic and English (both text are in a gold texture) below. While this happens, the company information on the left fades out, followed by the logo sequence itself.

Variant: There is an in-credit variant. Not only is the logo in its exact appearance in the animated logo present but the company's two phone numbers separated by a slash and its Yahoo! email address are both underneath the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The 1984 TriStar Pictures fanfare.

Availability: It can be seen on Serg Ke America.

2nd Logo (2015-)

Visuals: On a white background with a dimly lit gray surface on the bottom, five fairly rounded black boxes slide in to position themselves on the bottom center. The center box falls from the top whereas the rest come in from the left and right. A horizontal black filmstrip scrolls on the bottom from left to right during this process, eventually revealing "Film Production" in a spaced format. After the boxes appear, a filmstrip stylised "A", with an eighth note to its top left, enters the screen from the top, positioning itself above the boxes as the letters "aliyu" zoom out one by one and into the boxes, tilting themselves after entering.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A gentle piano fanfare with several pops, whooshes, and string notes to accompany it.

Availability: The logo made its appearance on Yaye Yifredew, Fidelawit, Abnatan, Shuferochu, and Yegodelegne.

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