Adria Filmverleih

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Logo (June 22, 1967-March 2, 1971)

Visuals: The background consists of red stripes at the majority of the background and plain red at the bottom, containing an angled white line in between the two, overlapped by a triangular blue shape. A red filmstrip containing a white-outlined quadrilateral shape showing the map of Italy zooms in at the bottom. After four seconds of the movement completion, the text "FILMVERLEIH", as well as a carved trail behind the text, wipes in above the ribbon. Afterwards, the similarly carved text "ADRIA" wipes in above the previous text. Finally, the white hand written text "zeigt" writes itself in front of the ribbon.

Variant: For Lo Chiamavamo Triinità, the logo is modified. The background is shown to be a red color with yellow lines, the blue shape from before is more circular and is shown more, the ribbon doesn't zoom in, and said ribbon is in a gold color.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The opening theme of the film, or none.

Availability: The logo is available for 2+5 Mission Hydra and Lo Chiamavamo Triinità.

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