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FADYO (Film and Drama Youth Organisation) is an Indian Mizo-language film company based in Aizawl that was founded in 2002.

1st Logo (2002)

Visuals: On a black background, the text "FADYO" in a futuristic font with gold 3D sides slides in from the left. Just when the company name (same as the text above) and the glowing text "Presentation" appear sliding in from the right, the screen crashes into pieces with a pink outline. They fly away and the proper logo fades in, with "Film and Drama Youth Organisation" under "FADYO" in a small size, and "Presentation" in the same size below. After a few seconds, the screen explodes into pieces again, but this time like a window glass being smashed, and falls into the ground.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A wind blowing sound, followed by two breaking glass sound effects when the screen breaks into pieces twice.

Availability: Only seen on Chhingkhual Lanu, the first film from the company.

2nd Logo (2002-2017)

Visuals: The sequence starts with the animation from the 1990 Universal Pictures logo in slow motion. Just before the letters of "UNIVERSAL" appear, the globe is crudely moved to the left in order to expand the starry background from the logo. Then, there is another earth globe spinning and zooming out, which slowly becomes a red circle. A red ring zooms out surrounding the circle. Then, the screen fades into a 3-D representation of the dot and ring, with a bold arc below, the word "FADYO" curved above, and "Presents" below all of them. Finally, white light rays emerge from the dot in the shape of an at sign ("@") moving up to down on the logo (like a searchlight), and then disappear.

Technique: A mixture of motion-controlled animation originally from the 1990 Universal logo, Flash animation, and a GIF.

Audio: The horn intro from "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles (inspired by La Marseillaise, which is also the national anthem of France), followed by an ascending rocket-like sound effect, taken from the MS-DOS video game 3D Pinball Space Cadet. After this, the intro from "Free as a Bird" plays, also by The Beatles, and then the same sound effect from earlier when the lights appear.

Availability: Appears on most of the company's films, such as Khuanu Samsuih, Zodinpuii, I Tello Chuan, MIB (Men in Blue) - A Detective Comedy and Tluangtei.

Legacy: This logo has gained notoriety for stealing music and animation from otherwise copyrighted sources.

3rd Logo (2016)

Visuals: Amongst a dark background with a beam of light at the top left corner, there is the logo from before, now in a different shape and coloured blue, appear by a rippling effect. The logo then shines a bit as "FADYO" wipes itself over the logo. Then is "Pictures Productions" and "Presents" appear in a rippling effect as the curve of the logo starts to shine. Then, "FADYO" starts to shine. The beam moves throughout the entire logo.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A peaceful tune with an orchestra, followed by a thumping sound after "FADYO" wipes in.

Availability: It was only seen on Favang and Laltheri.

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