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Logo (August 16, 1991-July 15, 1995)

Visuals: A blue diamond flash appears in the middle on a black background. As soon the flash is nearly transparent, an abstract silver "Amp" with a trademark symbol on the bottom right corner and a spark on the third line of the "amp", along with the set of text:


below it, separated by a thick silver line appears from the middle and rapidly zooms in towards the camera, which later stops when it is fully visible. As it stops, another blue diamond flash (except bigger) appears behind it and remains still, which also causes "P R E S E N T S" to appear below the text. It remains still for the last 7 seconds.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A stock dramatic synth note (also used in the 2nd logo of Castle Home Video), accompanied by the sound of a gong, a held bass note and a twinkling sound when the diamond flashes appear, which is then followed by a somewhat dramatic orchestral fanfare with a cymbal hits.

Availability: This was seen on Svemirci Su Krivi Za Sve and Tamna je noc.

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