Aum Films

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Logo (June 7, 1991-February 16, 1996)

Visuals: There is a bunch of yellow sunrays against a black background. The screen slowly zooms away from the sunrays as it rotates 90 degrees while at it. We stop zooming away from the sunrays, causing them to dissipate until they form the shape of an Aum symbol (hence the name), which is against a bunch of flashing multicolored stars on a black background. A flash occurs, which turns the symbol into a solid orange Aum symbol, which also shines. After that, the company's name "AUM FILMS" fades in below the Aum symbol. It stays like that for a few seconds until the screen fades to black.

Variant: On Papi Gudia, the company name is white and is placed closer to the Aum symbol.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A tampura faintly rolling is first heard, along with a dramatic choral tune when the flash occurs. This is then followed by a female chorus saying "Om" when the company's name fades in, which echoes to the end.

Availability: This was seen on Meena Bazar and Papi Gudia.

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