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Not to be confused with Buena Vista Interactive.


In 2003, Disney Interactive was renamed to Buena Vista Games, with the Disney Interactive name being used as a publishing label.

Logo (November 11, 2005-December 14, 2006; April 12, 2007)

Visuals: On a black background, a blur fades and zooms in, revealing itself to be a blue rounded box with the letters "bvg" inside it. The words "BUENA VISTA GAMES" is shown below, and 2 white lines run down the sides. The logo zooms in slightly as clouds move all about within the box. Then the logo turns dark and zooms out, leaving its green shadow for a second. For the later years, the logo is slightly re-colored.


  • A still version exists.
  • Another still version exists for when the background is white and the logo fades in for a couple seconds, then it fades out.
  • On The Chronicles of Narnia for GBA, the logo is arranged with a snowy background.
  • On the NDS version of Cars, the logo is in a movie theater.
  • Certain versions of Kingdom Hearts II (it is unknown which ones), despite the release date, use an in-credit Disney Interactive Studios logo.

Technique: Simple fading effects for the animated version, none for the still version.

Audio: None. Sometimes, the game's opening theme or a whoosh noise.


  • The animated version can be found on Disney video games of the era such as the console, PC, and PSP versions of Cars.
  • The still version can be seen on Cars, The Proud Family, and the European version of The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer, among others, all for the GBA.
  • The white background version can be seen on Kingdom Hearts II.
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