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CyberSoft was a short-lived subsidiary of GameTek.

Logo (May 1994-June 1995)

Visuals: On a black background is the word "CYBERSOFT", with "CYBER" in white and "SOFT" outlined in a purple circle.


  • A variant has the byline "licensed by Nintendo" below.
  • On the SNES game Full Throttle: All American Racing, the logo zooms in.
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury has the logo in a white rectangle border.

Technique: A still, sprite-based graphic. Sprite-based animation for the Full Throttle: All American Racing variant.

Audio: Either the opening theme of the game or none. On Carrier Aces, a chime noise is heard when the logo fades out.

Availability: Seen on a few games on the SNES such as Carrier Aces and The Adventures of Yogi Bear.

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