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In 1991, game publisher Electronic Arts acquired Canadian game developer Distinctive Software and later renamed it to Electronic Arts Canada. The company would later go on to develop games for the NHL, FIFA and Need for Speed series.

1st Logo (1992)

Visuals: On a black background, a red cube appears popping up, followed by a blue sphere, and then a green cone appears, forming a 3D version of the EA logo of the time on the bottom right. Credits appear behind the logo.

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Only seen on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for Sega Genesis.

2nd Logo (1992-1993)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a 3D blue version of the EA shapes, first appearing upside down and flip to normal. A red maple leaf appears, and wipes into the stripes. The logo flashes, and the words "Electronic Arts fade in, then a maple leaf fades in on the sphere. Credits appear above and copyright info is shown below the logo.

Variant: An early version of the logo exists where the logo is smaller, the maple leaf is black, and the text is in all-caps. Plus the logo is still.

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: A whoosh sound when the maple leaf appears. Sometimes silent.

Availability: The standard version is seen on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for SNES. The early version appears on Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? for SNES.

3rd Logo (1994-1997?)

Visuals: On a purple-gray gradient background, layers of the 1984-1997 Electronic Arts logo drop down one by one, each in blue-tinted glass. As they stack up, the camera gets closer and the background gets brighter before the camera forcibly rotates around and tilts into position. When the second to last layer drops down, a thick block quickly flies under the shapes and tilts up to reveal "ELECTRONIC ARTS CANADA" when the last layer drops down. A bright light then travels along in the background.


  • 3DO games, including the original version of The Need for Speed, had the logo shine normally at the end. The background is also brighter, lacking a light and there is no wind sound.
  • Another variation of the logo simply reads "ELECTRONIC ARTS" in wider text. This variant appears on OverDrivin (the Japanese version of The Need for Speed) for 3DO.
  • A high quality still version was also used.

Technique: 3D computer animation.

Audio: A rising choir sound plays in the background as high-sounding synth piano notes play for every layer dropped. After a bit, more notes play during the dropping as deep drones play in the background. When the text flies into place, a "THUD" is heard with a much louder chorus. Wind is then heard for the rest of the logo.

Availability: Can be found on EA Canada developed games, such as Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed and NHL '96 for DOS.

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