Creatures Inc.

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Creatures Inc. is a Japanese video game development company affiliated with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It was founded by Tsunekazu Ishihara in November 1995, with the assistance of Satoru Iwata, as a successor to Shigesato Itoi's Ape Inc. The company is one-third of the Pokémon Company joint venture (the others being Nintendo and Game Freak), and it is responsible for merchanding and 3D modeling of Pokémon.

Ape Inc.

Logo (August 27, 1994-June 5, 1995)

Visuals: Just a sketch of an side-view of an gorilla-like creature raising its arm up, with the name "APE" made of bones seen to the left of it.

Technique: A still, sprite-based graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Only seen on MOTHER 2, known as Earthbound in North America.

Creatures Inc.

Logo (February 27, 2001-May 25, 2009)

Visuals: On a white background, a grey rectangle outline is seen containing the word "Creatures™", along with 2 black bars on the top and bottom of it. Inside of them are 5 grey silhouettes of various odd-looking creatures moving slightly. They then stop, say "Creatures!", and then freeze as a drop shadow emerges from below the logo.

Variants: Most of the time, the logo is still and/or just the wordmark, and sometimes it shares the screen with other logos.

Technique: Sprite animation.

Audio: Some chattering noises, followed by a Japanese female voice and the creatures saying "Creatures!".

Audio Variants: The still version is silent.

Availability: Can be seen on Chee-Chai Alien, Pokémon Ranger, Nonono Puzzle Chalien (this is the only known appearance of the animated logo), Project Hacker: Awakening, Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, and Personal Trainer: Walking.

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