Apple Pippin

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The Apple Pippin is a defunct open multimedia technology platform, designed by Apple. According to Apple, Pippin was directed at the home market as "an integral part of the consumer audiovisual, stereo, and television environment." Apple licensed the Pippin technology to third-party companies. Bandai developed two models, known as ATMARK and @WORLD, and focused them on the gaming and entertainment business in Japan, Canada and the United States. Katz Media developed a third model, the KMP 2000, and focused it on vertical markets throughout Europe and Canada. The Pippin was discontinued when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

Logo (1996-1997)

Visuals: It starts out with an empty screen. Then the screen cuts to a black one with the Pippin logo (a black square with "PiPP!N" on it) appearing in the center. The text in the logo is arranged like this:


Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: A voice says "Pippin", followed by a 2-note synth theme.

Availability: Seen whenever any of the Pippin models are booted up. The ATMARK, @WORLD (Bandai models), and KMP 2000 (Katz Media models) altogether only sold 42,000 units. In fact, there are more accessories sold for the Pippin than actual systems.

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