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Kalypso Media is a German publishing house established in 2006, with the offices in UK and US opened shortly after. It's one of the most rapidly growing game companies, now became a significant publisher. In November 2008, Kalypso formed its first development subsidiary - Realmforge, and purchased rights for Tropico from Take-Two. In 2009, the company acquired Gaming Minds, formed from the assets of closed Ascaron Entertainment. In 2010, they formed Noumena Studios to employ the staff from Silver Style, with their unfinished project on hands.

1st Logo (2006-2013)

Visuals: A blue swirling cloud of particles comes from the right and forms the blue condensed circle made of several internal circles. The thing moves right and creates the word "kalypso" in white, attaching to the end as the letter "O". The word shines weakly.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A creepy synthesized soundtrack with a 303-ish sawtooth bass when the company name flashes.

Availability: Seen on a variety of games, including Tropico 3, Patrician IV, Imperium Romanum and Ceville. Kalypso has a lot of games published in Europe, so this logo is not hard to find.

2nd Logo (May 23, 2014-May 30, 2017)

Visuals: The letter "O" from the previous logo rotates and swirls in mid-air, finally setting among the other letters and forming the logo.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A wind and xylophone soundtrack.

Availability: Seen only on Tropico 5 and its expansion.

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