Nordic Games

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Nordic Games Publishing was a video game publishing subsidiary of Game Outlet Europe (previously also known as Nordic Games), established in 2008 by Lars Wingefors and Pelle Lundborg. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, the company specialized in releasing casual games for several platforms, most notably the Wii. In 2011, it was folded into Nordic Games GmbH, which was formed by its parent company, Nordic Games Holding, after it acquired JoWooD Productions.

Logo (2008-2011)

Visuals: On a white background, a crate suddenly falls down from the sky, instantly losing its top in the process and bouncing for a bit before settling. The crate has the text "FRESH FROM SWEDEN" printed diagonally across the front, with the Swedish flag in the top right corner. The sides then collapse down one-by-one to reveal a blue pile in the crate. Then, they start jumping up and eventually stand up to reveal themselves as blue letters in a custom font. They eventually spread out and jump into the words "nordic games" and the screen positions itself to focus on them. The crate then fades out and the logo fades to 2D. The dot on the "i" is actually a small circle with a "n" in it, like a registered trademark symbol.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The series of thuds and cartoony popping of the letters.

Availability: Seen on a handful of We Sing, Maximum Racing and Dance Party games for Wii.

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