Gotham Games

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Gotham Games was a publishing company founded in 2002, owned and operated by Take-Two Interactive Software that focused on budget games and licensed games. It lasted until 2004.

Logo (October 25, 2002-October 28, 2003)

Visuals: First, the camera zooms out upward from the windows of a building in a city to reveal the top of the building. It then zooms outwards to a slightly slanted view of the building. As this happens, the Gotham Games logo fades in via a wavy effect and we can see the clouds in the background moving.

Variant: A variant exists where the black line in the logo appears via a zoom-out/spiral effect, and the company name appears by crudely zooming/spinning in from the background.

Technique: All CGI.

Audio: The sounds of the city, and a male announcer saying the company's name as the logo fades in. The variant has just the announcer, as well as wind-like wooshes.

Availability: It appeared on most Gotham Games releases, like Austin Powers Pinball, Conflict: Desert Storm, and Ford Racing 2.

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