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Ketchapp is a French video game publisher based in Paris, specializing in the mobile games market. Founded in 2014 by brothers Antoine and Michel Morcos, the company first came into the public eye later that year, through its port of the open-source game 2048. Ketchapp has been accused of cloning popular casual games by other developers. When Ketchapp was acquired by Ubisoft in September 2016, the company had more than 700 million downloads across their portfolio of games.

Logo (2014- )

Visuals: On the red background is the white text "Ketchapp" with smile below the second "p".

Variantː Depending on the game, the logo is smaller and is split screen with other logos.

Technique: None [possible misuse]

Audio: None

Availability: It was first seen on 2048 and it appeared on all company's games.

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