FarSight Studios

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FarSight Studios (formerly named Farsight Technologies) is a American video game developer founded in 1988 by Jay Obernolte. The company is known for their pinball games, the Backyard Sports games, Game Party, and the infamous Genesis version of Action 52. FarSight didn't have an on-screen logo until the 2000s.

Logo (2000s-)

Visuals: On a dark background, there is a stylized right wedjat-eye zooming out. When it zooms out, the "eye" spins which causes the "eye" to glow, continuing to spin out and reveals a dark orange wall with mountains. It stops spinning, and the "eye" glows again to create the stacked text "FarSight Studios".

Variant: On Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection, the URL, "www.farsightstudios.com" in white appears under the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A long eerie deep note, followed by a gong sound.

Availability: Seen on their pinball games, four Game Party games, and Backyard Sports games.

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