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On July 7, 2003, all of Playmore's subsidiaries were consolidated into SNK Playmore when Playmore regained the rights to use the name SNK from Azure. In 2003, SNK purchased ADK shortly after it filed for bankruptcy. SNK Playmore decided to discontinue the AES system, and publish video games in cooperation with Sammy. SNK Playmore expanded with licensed arcade boards, and later shifted some of the development focus to consumer games, including the PS2 and other platforms. On April 25, 2016, SNK dropped the "Playmore" name and reverted to its original SNK moniker.

1st Logo (December 12, 2003-2016)

Visuals: The logo starts with both the SNK and Playmore logos, but the Playmore wordmark is white and seen on a green rectangle.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None or the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Can be seen on all SNK Playmore releases. [Examples?]

2nd Logo (2010?-2016?)

Visuals: On a white background, the SNK logo in CGI pops in letter-by-letter and "jiggles" (with "doki!" (ドキ!) in katakana appearing above each letter). The Playmore logo pops in below the SNK logo and bounces, causing the SNK logo to also bounce a bit. The SNK logo then turns 2D.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A female voice says "doki-doki, doki!", followed by a ding when the logo bounces.

Availability: Seen on SNK Playmore pachinko and pachislot machines, such as Sister Quest, Sky Love, and others.

SNK Playmore
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