Game Boy

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Logo (April 21, 1989-March 23, 2003)

Visuals: On a green (original Game Boy) or white (Game Boy Pocket) background, there is the Nintendo logo in black (or dark green), slowly moving toward the middle from the top of the screen.


  • If the cartridge is not inserted, the Nintendo logo is replaced with a black rectangle, however the registered trademark symbol is still intact.
  • If the cartridge isn't all the way in or is corrupted, the Nintendo logo is a mess of pixels.
  • On Hudson Hawk, after the animation, the "Nintendo" text explodes into "POWER" (in the game's custom font).

Technique: Simple 2D sprite animation.

Audio: Just a two note "bling" sound when the logo stops in the middle.


  • Seen on Game Boy games when they are played on an original Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, and the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Light.
  • However, the Game Boy Color logo is used when starting up an original GB game on any other console Game Boy console (excluding the Super Game Boy, which uses its own logo).
  • The best way to find an original Game Boy game is look for a gray banner on the left side of the box with the "Nintendo" logo on top and GAME BOY filling the entire rest of the banner.
  • It is also intact on Generation 1 Pokémon games when played on the GB Tower mode in the Stadium games.

Legacy: One of the most iconic logos in the history of Nintendo.

Game Boy
Game Boy Color
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