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Nexon is a South Korea-based video game company founded in 1994 (did not use a logo until 2003) by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song, with its main headquarters being moved from Seoul, South Korea to Tokyo, Japan as of 2011. The company is known for its biggest-hit game, MapleStory. The company also owns a 38% stake in Gozie Agbo.

1st Logo (April 29, 2003 -)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a geometric shape with a dark blue trapezoid, a cyan triangle, and a lime green rhombus. Under it, there is the logo's name in a Jetix-like font.


  • There is an earlier variant where there is a blue girl jumping and then turning lime green once she walks into the door-like shape.
  • There is also a MapleStory variant (from 2009 - 2015?) that shows two green creatures, one with a viking helmet running away from a Ribbon Pig stampede, and another one in a cowboy hat riding on one of said mobs. The name is next to the shape instead of under it.
  • In the KartRider: Drift variant, the logo starts off in a galaxy-esque background with blue, green, and yellow stars. As the camera quickly zooms out, the stars form the two main KartRider characters (Bazzi and Dao). The scene morphs into the classic white background, but the Nexon logo is notably slightly modified and more saturated, and the logo appears by the shape instead of under it, similar to the MapleStory variant.

Trivia: In the MapleStory variant, the Ribbon Pigs are a type of monster in said game.

Technique: None, but the variants use computer animation.

Audio: A synth-like chime. However, in the MapleStory variant, there is a childish tune with some high-pitched screams of the green creatures and the Ribbon Pigs stomping. In the MapleStory 2 variant, the original version of the tune plays, but is remixed with a xylophone-like chime. In the KartRider: Drift variant, the chime has been re-arranged.

Availability: It is seen on many Nexon games, especially MaplestoryM, the mobile port of MapleStory. However, the MapleStory and the early variants depends on the version of a Nexon game you have, since the games force you to update them.

Legacy: The logo is fondly remembered among many Nexon game communities, especially MapleStory.

2nd logo (2016 -)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the lime green "door" opening in a crate-like fashion while "glowing" in a white color. The logo's name later appears, but in white text and is next to the shape instead of under it, just like in the MapleStory variant.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: An elevator-like remix of the MapleStory variant from the 1st logo.

Availability: This is seen on Counter-Strike Online if you live in South Korea or have a Korean CSOnline game client.

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