SNK (2016-present)

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On April 25, 2016, SNK officially dropped the "Playmore" name from its corporate logo. A legal name change from SNK Playmore Corporation to SNK Corporation followed on December 1, 2016, to more firmly establish SNK Playmore as the successor to the old SNK brand and legacy. In 2018, SNK released NEOGEO Mini, a miniature console based on the design of the company's Japanese arcade machines.

1st Logo (Still variant) (2016-)

Visuals: Same as the 1988 SNK logo.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on newer SNK games from the period, since 2016.

2nd Logo (2016-)

Visuals: On a black background, blue cubes form a "pixelated" version of the SNK logo, which then generates a blue flaming aura. Then the logo "peels" itself upward to reveal the actual SNK logo with a registered trademark symbol on the upper-right side. The white text "The Future is Now" (the company's slogan) fades in below.


  • A short version, which only shows the cubes forming the logo, is shown in trailers, as well as The King of Fighters: Allstar and The King of Fighters: Arena (both animated at 24fps; PC only on the former).
  • A version without the company slogan is only shown in the trailer for The King of Fighters World.
  • The NEOGEO 30th Anniversary version, which is shown in trailers in 2020, is similar to the short version, but the full jingle is carried over to the NEOGEO 30th Anniversary logo, in which shines over the logo.
  • For the SNK 40th Anniversary, which is also in trailers in 2018, SNK 40th Anniversary logo is shown after the short version or the full version of the normal logo.
  • In The King of Fighters: Destiny, the trailer for The King of Fighters: World and the SNK headquarters relocation documentary video (English subtitled ver.) the logo is cropped to 21:9 and is animated at 25fps (the 25fps version is also used in the NEOGEO Mini (Japanese ver.) trailer) (24fps on the latter on both the original version and the English subtitled version).

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A reorchestrated version of the NEOGEO startup screen jingle, composed and arranged by the SNK Sound Team, plays throughout the logo. A whoosh is heard when the cubes are forming the logo, and a "wailing" sound is heard when the logo generates the blue aura.

Audio Variants:

  • The short version has the jingle shortened.
  • In the NEOGEO Mini (Japanese ver.) trailer, the jingle is hummed by Kana Hanazawa.
  • The SNK 40th Anniversary logo has the SNK Credit Insert sound, also composed by the SNK Sound Team, with an echo reverb is played.

Availability: Seen on newer SNK games from the period, since 2016. It was used in tandem with the previous logo.

SNK Playmore
SNK (2016-present)
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