Black Sheep Productions

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Logo (September 14, 2001)

Visuals: On a white background, a square containing a 2D animated drawing of a green hill, with what appears to be a barrier in the forefront with white sheep jumping over it. In the sky is a bird flying in circles and a happy sun at the top right side of the drawing. After the last white sheep hops over the fence, a black sheep appears, which makes the sun suspicious of it. The sheep runs to the fence, then stops and turns toward the camera for a moment. After this, the sheep perches above the fence with a gun and shoots the flying bird. The bird explodes and its feathers fall, which makes the sun frown. The blow back of the shot is so strong, it makes the sheep fly out of the drawing. The picture then suddenly becomes grainy and gains film effects, which causes it to start rolling. The picture then cuts to a black background with the text "a Black Sheep production" in a messy, horror-styled font. All of the objects are covered in a brown aura. The picture then stops rolling, focuses into view, and jitters one last time before remaining still.

Variant: On the NTSC version of Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider, presumably as means of censorship, before the black sheep pulls out the gun, the film the logo is playing on is ripped right off the projector with a grinding noise; despite this, we still see the rest of the animation through the film's negatives with "BLACK SHEEP" carved into it (as well as the barely visible text "HERE COMES THE PAIN"). It then abruptly cuts to the final part of the logo as normal.

Technique: Hand-drawn 2D animation for the main logo, computer graphics for the final result.

Audio: A reversed, looping sound of a child singing, interrupted by the gunshot.

Availability: Seen on Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider (aka Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf in Europe) for PS1 and PC.

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