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Adeline Software International was a French development studio that was founded as a subsidiary of Delphine Software International in February of 1993. Based in Lyons, France and made up of former Infogrames team members, they were well-known for their famous adventure series, Little Big Adventure. In 1997, the team was bought by Sega, who renamed it to No-Cliché as the first wholly-owned console studio from Europe. No-Cliché went defunct in 2001, while Adeline Software was reportedly liquidated in July 2004.

1st Logo (1994-1996)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a picture of a big cat made of colored lines. Below is the name of the studio:


Variant: There is an animated version on the PlayStation port of Little Big Adventure, where particles create the drawing on a black background. After the logo forms, it spins once and the name zooms out below, before a flash makes into the final project.

Technique: A still digital graphic or 2D digital animation.

Audio: A series of rising xylophone notes or a synth chime tune with a guitar and a choir.

Availability: On Little Big Adventure (not the PlayStation version) and Time Commando.

Legacy: It's one of the best in-game logos.

2nd Logo (June 1997)

Visuals: Over a black background is the picture of the cat being drawn by colored lines. The name, designed as above, fades in right to the picture. Then the logo clears out.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: Drawing sounds.

Availability: Seen on Twinsen's Odyssey, also known as Little Big Adventure 2 in Europe.


Logo (1998-2001)

Visuals: There are two squares, black and blue, on a white background, and there are also letters above them, "N" and "C" (with a stress sign) in custom design. The construction begin to vibrate, then it explodes and many objects fly around. After all, the squares leap back, much enlarged now to contain the whole words. The yellow O jumps, rotating, into the screen, and the stress sign trembles.

Technique: Many action on the screen, with letters and objects moving in every direction.

Audio: Various ambient pops, with engine sound, then a group of children starts laughing and finally the tapping sound.

Availability: On Toy Commander for Sega Dreamcast.

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