Digital Anvil

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Digital Anvil was an Austin, Texas-based video game developer, founded in April 1996 by a team lead by Wing Commander creators Chris and Erin Roberts. The studio's name derived from the team's idea to provide "hard work and high tech". Microsoft acquired the studio in December 2000, and despite its games selling relatively well, shut it down in January 2006, with its team redeployed to Microsoft Game Studios.

Logo (December 2, 1999-May 27, 2003)

Visuals: There is a giant anvil rising to some stormy skies and having a microscheme pattern on it. A monstrous hammer hits it twice, sending sparks and the microscheme lights all over the anvil. After the hammer hits it a third time, the anvil gets surrounded by a waving purple light and zooms out. A digital stream overflows the anvil and creates the text "digitalANVIL" below it. Then, the picture gets a gold tint.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An omnious fanfare with sounds of hammering.

Availability: Seen on StarLancer, FreeLancer and Brute Force. It doesn't appear on the 1999 film Wing Commander (loosely based on the video game series), despite the studio producing it.

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