U.S. Gold

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U.S. Gold was founded in Birmingham, England in 1984 by Geoff Brown as the publishing division of Centresoft, a computer game distribution company he founded the year before. They formed a three-way partnership named CentreGold, which also includes Centresoft and the developer Core Design. The group was acquired by Eidos in 1996, and U.S. Gold was discontinued in June of that year. Their remaining titles were published by Eidos.

1st Logo (Late 1980s-1990)

Visuals: There is the name "U S GOLD" in golden color. The "O" letter is replaced with 8-star coin.

Variant: On Gold of the Aztecs (1989), the logo (along with the developer's logo) was animated: the logo raises up and the stars begin to fly to their positions. There were dots seen in the "U.S." part of the logo as well.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None, but for the animated variant, a series of beeps were heard.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

2nd Logo (1990-1995)

Visuals: There is a rectangular banner with edges cut out. The word "U.S. GOLD" appears on a banner with two stars replacing dots in abbreviation, and the mountain skyline in background. The "O" letter is again replaced with 8-star coin. The whole logo is golden. Sometimes, the shield is made in 3D.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on games during the era. The 3D version was seen on Legends of Valour, Dominus and other games. The simple version appeared on Fever Pitch Soccer (SNES game had a white background) and Power Drive.

3rd Logo (1995-1996)

Visuals: The phrase "U.S. GOLD" is written inside a rectangular box, with the whole logo tilted slightly to the right.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on several games, the last one was Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996.

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