Sierra Attractions

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Sierra Attractions was formed in February 1998 by Sierra On-Line as part of a company restructuring, and functioned as Sierra On-Line's casual publishing strand, developing and publishing games such as pinball and poker. Sierra development studio Berkeley Systems was composed as part of the label.

In 2001, it was retired upon a reorganization within Sierra On-Line, with all future titles being branded solely under the "Sierra" brand.

Logo (1998-2000)

Visuals: On a black background, strange streaks zoom in and rotate before revealing the 1998 Sierra logo, which is "SIERRA" in a strange font with a golden "wing" on the "S" made from spikes. Below it is "attractions" and a yellow triangle, all lit up by RGB lights. The triangle shines.


  • On 3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball, the logo is seen in white on a red stripe surrounded by checkerboards. A racing car with images of the blue furball from the Dynamix logo then swerves into place below, with a crowd cheering in the background. The blue furball then emerges from the window and says "Phew, Sierra!".
  • On The Return of the Incredible Machine, after the logo finishes, the Dynamix furball appears on a bucket tied to string and once again says "Phew, Sierra!". The "attractions" wordmark is removed on the game's expansion, Even More Contraptions.
  • The logo may sometimes just shine.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A short synth theme. The variants use the end of the fanfare from the previous logo, as well as the sounds of the car and/or the monster.

Availability: Can be found on pinball, poker and other sports games by Sierra, such as the aforementioned games above.

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