HeadGames Publishing

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HeadGames Publishing was a publisher of value-priced outdoor sports and lifestyle PC CD-ROM games located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company had distribution channels to retail stores in the United States as well as internationally. Some of their most memorable (mostly infamous) titles include their Extreme Sports series and the Cabela's Big Game Hunter games. The company was acquired by Activision on July 1, 1998, and became a wholly owned subsidiary. By August 2000, Activision consolidated HeadGames Publishing's assets with Expert Software and Elsinore Multimedia to form Activision Value.

Logo (Late 1990s)

Visuals: A red bar swirls up to the screen, and pans up to reveal itself as the 3D words "head" and "games" in two different fonts. "PUBLISHING" appears below them as they bounce off the screen, then stop still as they emit trails of light, with a silver ball inbetween them. The byline "An ACTIVISION Co." ("ACTIVISION" being the company logo) fades in below the logo.

Technique: CGI at a low framerate.

Audio: A deep synth drone with a hard whoosh when the logo is near the screen.

Availablity: Can be seen on their video games for PC, such as Extreme Boards and Blades.

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