Rocksteady Studios

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Kensith Town-based Rocksteady Studios, founded in December 2004 by Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, premiered their first game, Urban Chaos: Riot Response to average reception in June 2006. Following the release of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum in August 2009, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment acquired a majority stake in the studio, and the team went on to develop sequels in their own Batman: Arkham series, with their most recent title being Batman: Arkham VR.

Logo (May 19, 2006-)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: The camera panning and crashing into the logo. [possible misuse]

Audio: Sounds of wind, vehicles driving, paper flying, and trash cans, ending with a deep thud once the logo appears.

Availability: The standard variant was only shown on Urban Chaos: Riot Response and the demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum. A list of custom variants can be found here.

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