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In spring 1999, British video game developer Probe Entertainment was brought by Acclaim Entertainment under their Iguana brand as "Iguana London" for a while, before it was renamed to "Acclaim Studios London" a few months later like other studios that were part of Acclaim. The studio was closed in April 2000 with sequels to their later projects moving over to the newly-formed Acclaim Studios Cheltenham.

Iguana London

Logo (1999)

Visuals: Against a green iguana skin textured background, there is the Iguana Entertainment logo of the time with the word "LONDON" in spaced-out letters in place of the word "ENTERTAINMENT". It has a glow ray effect around it.

Technique: CGI converted into a photo.

Audio: None.

Availability: Only appears on the first demo of Re-Volt for PC.

Acclaim Studios London

Logo (18 August 1999-2 August 2000)

Visuals: The usual Acclaim Studios logo, used for all studios during the era. The word "LONDON" is written in a vertical font to the right (see the Acclaim Studios Austin logo for more information).

Variant: On Armorines: Project Swarm, the background is custom blue.

Technique: CGI converted into a photo.

Audio: None or the game's title theme for the Nintendo 64 version of Armorines.

Availability: Seen on Re-Volt and Armorines: Project Swarm.

Probe Entertainment
Acclaim Studios London
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