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EA HD was a special brand used by Electronic Arts, indicating games on major platforms with full high-definition capacity - namely PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The brand was retired in 2010 once the majority of games created were intended for HD systems and the market had adjusted.

Logo (November 22, 2005-2010)

Visuals: Over static, there is the logo appearing via a warp effect. It shows a gray EA logo, as in the 2005-based games, separated with a vertical line from the letters "HD". The logo glows and a spark appears below it directly on the vertical line, going both sides to reveal "HIGH DEFINITION GAMING".

Technique: CGI effects.

Audio: First, sounds of static, followed by a low synthesized string pad accompanied by a sparkling sound effect.

Availability: Appears on HD games by Electronic Arts. First appeared on the Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005).

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